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I want to be a kpop star but I am not Korean is it worthless?

I want to be a kpop star and I know I’m not Korean and don’t look, speak or have much practice singing or dancing I want to try. I am learning Korean and it has been going well and I do acting , singing and dancing once a week. I plan to go to Korea and audition in 3 years so I’m still very young. Is this all worth nothing?

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  • 2 months ago

    Yep, there are some foreign in K-Pop, like Lisa in black pink or even some black people. But Korea is unlike America, its pretty homogeneous. But once more people like K-Pop and it becomes more global, naturally, they will hire foreign people to attract wider audience.

  • Andrew
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    2 months ago

    I'll be perfectly honest with you - you have less than a 0% chance of making it in the Korean music industry. 

    If you're a mature, sensible human being who appreciates honesty, then you'll take that to heart because it's the truth.

    We're raised to believe that we can become anything that we want to be, but it's just not true. People will tell the dumbest kid in the class that he can become an astronaut, tell a kid in a wheelchair that he can become an Olympic athlete, but the truth is that when you're at a severe disadvantage, the obstacles are just too insurmountable to overcome.

    You don't seem to know much about Korea, so I'll lay it out for you: K-Pop is a Korean industry. Yes, there are some foreigners, but by and large, the industry is overwhelmingly comprised of Koreans. If you wish to work in Korea, then it goes without saying that you would need fluent Korean - not just for vocals but for promotion, doing interviews, etc. 

    Even if you were to spend 40 hours a week studying Korean, it would take you over a year just to become conversational at the basic level. To speak with the level of proficiency the average 15 year old has would take several years. And that's with a proper teacher and a very regimented study routine consisting of reading, writing, listening and speaking. You're not going to spend the next 2 years of life immersing yourself in Korean because you can't. You don't have the money for a tutor and you have other obligations, so that's out. 

    Next, you're late to the game. You say that you practice once a week. You must be joking. People who dream of making it in K-Pop practice several hours per day, every day, many of them with professional dance or vocal coaches. They're far more dedicated and their level of talent far exceeds yours. 

    So let's put it all together: There are thousands of people, male and female, who are ethnically Korean (so they have the "look"), who speak Korean fluently, who have been training in singing and dancing for years and are already at the semi-professional level, and you think that someone who speaks basically no Korean at all who can barely communicate at the most rudimentary level, who is not ethnically Korean, who has sub-par singing and dancing skills, a person who would require years of intensive training and coaching to be raised up to a bare minimal standard might somehow be more attractive than the other options?

    Never. Going. To. Happen. 


    • Andrew
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      2 months agoReport

      You can train as hard as you want. Come back here and reread this response in 10 years, it will make just as much sense then as it does now. You have a better chance of becoming the King of Thailand than you do of becoming a K-Pop star. Enjoy all the hard work for no payoff.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There are white rappers so if you want to do kpop, then do it.

    The listeners decide if you're any good

  • 2 months ago

    Yes it isn't gonna work out if you're not Korean or from Korea.

    -Kate Yelkovan

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