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How much did your boat cost?

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    $1700. It was an old 12ft timber Hartley copy, made under his house by a retiree who put a new motor on it and used it once before parking it in 1984. I bought it in 2002 just for the motor, but he had put so much care into it that we just used it as it was.

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    How much did my previously owned boat cost?

    Thirty-five hundred dollars.How much enjoyment did it produce?A million dollars worth!

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    The cost of a boat can vary however the biggest long term expense is maintaining the boat. A decent chandlery or marine store with good prices can always come in hand!

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    first boat a Windrush 14 about 45 years ago. $1800. Next boat a Matilda TS $6500. Then a Mirror dinghy $93. A Mosquito 16' cat $1200

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    Don't have one........... yet. If I ever DO get one, it'll be small enough to trailer it home when not in use to avoid all the cleaning and repainting of the hull necessary on boats that stay in the water.

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    I once bought a boat, motor and trailer from my cousin/neighbor for $400. Used it for a few years then sold it to my uncle for $400.

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    If I had a boat I would be on a boat and not Yahoo Answers right now.

    -Kate Yelkovan

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    1 dollar:

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      Is that a boat or a ship?
      Does it have a displacement hull or a planing hull?
      Does it carry passengers?

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