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How long can fish stay in the pet store transport bags?

I moved and the small chain pet store I usually get my fish from is now close to an hour away. Is it safe to have fish in their transport bags that long?

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    the less you keep them in the bag the a former member of Management from wally world, that was part of my far as coming from a vender that has them for two days in a van, no not under contract like that...I have personally rejected many a load as the vender will put a stress relief chemical in the bags to sedate the area was required to feed each day and remove and record all dead fish...the vender gives credit for the dead ones each delivery...the bag you purchase them in...if the associate blows air into the bag, refuse it...this puts carbon dioxide in the bag...deadly to fish...can add air by simply tying it off...since most pet shops are no more than 2 hours away, it is safe to transport inside that time frame...the vender puts stress chemicals in, wally world puts stress chemicals the day of delivery so they are pretty sedated upon delivery...I flush all the tanks and took out all the chemicals (I only used a little table salt and had no problems all the time I was there. I never dumped the water from the venders bag in my tank but used a fish net and carefully and gently put them in my tanks with all the lights off

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    A couple hours is fine. Do not pour the bag water into your aquarium.

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    It depends on how much room they leave in the bag to trap oxygen. A couple hours is fine. acclimate them slowly and carefully before adding them to your tank.

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    I've heard they can't stay in the bags for more than 4 hours, but I'm not sure if that's true?

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    Fish are often overnighted in those bags.. So the hour transport shouldn't be an issue.

    Maybe invest in a styrofoam cooler for the purposenof transporting fish home tho to help maintain their temps.

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    Several hours is safe. The biggest problem is temperature control. Placing the bag in an insulated container of suitable size during transit helps maintain an even temperature.

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    Yea, that will be fine as long as the temperature doesn't change much.

    Shouldn't take more than 6 hours.

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