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Why is my kitten a bully?

Whenever I give treats to my big cats, the kitten always come out of nowhere and steal the treats. Then she growls at them. My big cats just seem to let her push them around though for some reason.

Anyway, why is she so greedy??

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Adding to PR's post your adult cats know it's a kitten, your not correcting the kitten by picking it up and making him wait his turn, rather you allow him to bully the adult cats for now. One day when the adult cats think of him as old enough they may end up going after him and teaching him mannors since you refuse to now, they will finally have enough and fight over the treat.

    Kittens and puppies can get away with just about anything when they are young, they run over,pull hair of and torment the adults, as they get older the adults will start correcting them as they get rougher as they get older. Occasionally either adult cat or dog wil either snap at but not bite the young ones but it's meant as a warning. If the young don't correct their behavior then a harder and harder correction is used until they actually get the final hint and get nipped at, not enough to bleed but enough to hurt.


    Give the adult cats their treats first then feed the kitten his, he t rf oughrnng tti gebwill get mannors once he learns. But I do agree he may have parasites or doesn't have enough calories in the food, may need more food. Be sure your feeding age appropriate food o the item, if he wants to eat the adult food and keeps trying, feed him in a separate room with the otter food first then If he wanders and try's and eats the adult food you know he's getting the right one first.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Adults know babies don't understand what they're doing. Even when it's cats. They let them get away with things until they get a bit older. Cats are always greedy.

    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Stop giving the cats treats, they do not need them and if you stop giving them the problem is solved.

  • Jerry
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    2 months ago

    Because she's a baby. And the other cats recognize that she's just a baby and let her get away with it. Don't worry, when the kitten turns into a cat the other cats will stop treating it like a kitten and start treating it like a cat. There will be a few little scraps but probably not serious fighting.

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  • PR
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    2 months ago

    The reason for this could be a couple things. One might be that your kitten has parasites or worms. This can make the cat/kitten very hungry and can cause a ravenous appetite, leading to what appears as aggressive behavior. Taking the kitten to the vet for a fecal test would tell you if she has parasites.

    Another reason is if your kitten previously was in a situation where she did not have enough food. Now, she sees each opportunity to eat as a life and death situation. Normally, cats will eat in a communal situation and not really bother one another too much - although some cats like to eat more than others.

    Feed your kitten regularly. Feeding might be as follows:

    Age 6 to 15 weeks: Feed 3x per day as much as the kitten will eat.

    Age 16 weeks 32 weeks: Feed 2x per day as much as kitten eats.

    Age over 8 months: Feed 2x per day a reasonable amount for health and proper weight.

    A good feed might look like this: 1 cup dry food/2 tablespoons canned food/1 cup water all mixed together. Feed proper amounts of this mixture. This is much easier for a cat to eat than dry food-only, and goes down well.

    I used to have a kitten who did the same thing you are describing. She was from a wild mother cat. We used to laugh at her because if she had a large piece of food, this behavior was comical. But, you should take your kitten to the vet for a check-up. It might also be good to simply not feed food or treats with the cats together for now. Help your kitten feel he or she has a food supply that will not be taken away.

    • Matthew2 months agoReport

      Also she's done this since she was born. She was born as a house cat and she'd always take ownership of her food, toys, treats. I feel bad for my older cats they got a teenage daughter they never asked for 😂

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