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My gym teacher despises me for not liking volleyball or anything else in gym, what do I do?

She always seems very passive aggressive, last year when I admitted I was scared of volleyball she told me to suck it up and now this year a few days ago she didn't let me go to the nurse.

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  • DIEGO.
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    4 months ago
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    good question!!

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I get that gym/volleyball are not your thing and you’re not the only person to feel that way, but running away to the nurse is not a good way to deal with your feelings.  

    Physical activity is important for your health.  It’s good to try new things and move out of your comfort zone.  It is OK to fail or not be the best at something (or to even be bad at something) you try.  Resilience, perseverance and the like (aka knowing how to “suck it up”) are important life skills that people need.  

    So since you can’t control your teacher, control your reaction. Give it a shot, put in some effort and get through the class.  Instead of spending all the energy trying to get out of doing things, use it to actually and work on resilience. Instead of telling yourself over and over that you hate this - tell yourself that you can do it. 

    Good luck

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