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Crash Diet?

Firstly, I am aware that a crash diet of any kind is not good. However, this is a one time thing for an acting role that I have soon. I am female currently 140 lb 5"6" and hoping to drop around 15 lb in 2 months. Never had a personal trainer before and don't have the time or money for one now unfortunately. Does anyone have any tips for short term weight loss?


To anon. I'm 25, but thanks for your concern.

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  • Hope!
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    This is very possible! Remember that weight loss is 85% DIET.. exercise is great for muscle tone though, and overall health.. so do some exercise, but there's no need to kill yourself - do what you feel comfortable doing.

    Diet - give up all sugar and you will be amazed at how fast the pounds fall off.. I lost 15 (of 20 lbs) in just 3 weeks.. the weight just melted off.. let me explain though, what I mean by sugar - there is table sugar, cookies, cake, soda, candy.. those are all sugar, but inside your body crackers, fruit JUICE (fruit is healthy, but take out the fiber and all you have left is sugar water) pasta, all grain is sugar, alcohol is sugar (if it isn't protein or fat, it is breaking down as sugar). So, these are things you must avoid (more on that later, it isn't difficult to do)..

    There's a lot to this, but basically this is why sugar is the problem.. our bloodstream can only handle about 1 tablespoon of sugar at a time, otherwise you go into diabetic coma and die.. when we have more than 1 tablespoon, the pancreas immediately sends out insulin. Insulin 'sweeps' the sugar into the fat cells (to get it out of the bloodstream and save your life), where it turns to FAT.. the process of turning the sugar to fat (when it is now 'safe' for the body) takes about 5 hours.. during that 5 hours, insulin patrols the bloodstream (wreaking havoc on your organs all the while), to make sure that the sugar stays in the fat cells and doesn't come back out into the bloodstream.. so, for 5 hours after a glass of juice and a danish, your fat cells are on 'lockdown' - meaning you can't lose fat - or the sugar would reenter the bloodstream... so, you can see that if you have a danish at breakfast, a coke at lunch, some bread at dinner - your fat cells are locked down all day.. let's say you feel really guilty and decide to go to the gym for 4 hours and work off all that sugar - won't work.. your body will resist with everything it has to keep those fat cells from releasing fat, because of the sugar in the fat cells.. this is to save your life.. BUT and here is the good news, don't eat sugar, then there is no insulin response, and therefore your fat cells stay open and you can lose fat.. 

    This might sound terribly hard, but it isn't at all! And, it isn't forever - when I reach my goal, I introduce back in some carbs, and then if I start to gain, I go off the carbs.. so, you can eat pizza again.. don't think of this as 'forever'. :-) 

    Breakfast - a big fruit salad, with yogurt and a handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts) this gives you healthy carbs, some protein and some healthy fat (protein and fat are essential to our health - carbs are non essential, and when you give them up, the body becomes a fat burning machine). 

    Another possible breakfast - eggs, bit of butter, veggies (say for an omelette), fruit.. (fruit kills a sugar craving btw)

    Or, take all that fruit and blend it into a smoothie with hemp seeds, yogurt.. 

    Lunch and dinner - some sort of protein, some sort of fat, LOTS of veggies - veggies are filling, healthy, high in fiber, low in calories.. I could make a meal (and sometimes do!) of coleslaw :-) the trick is do not stick to the same old salad that you always eat.. change it up to keep it interesting - snowpeas sauted with pineapple chunks, tomato soup, squash soup!, cauliflower 'rice'.. waldorf salad, spinach salad, dozens of different coleslaws made with brocolli, or brussel sprouts, etc.. there is just an endless array of veggies to try! And this keeps it interesting..

    Lastly, this was a huge help for me - look into, learn about intermittent fasting.. 

  • Edna
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    The ideal weight range for 5' 6" woman is between 115 pounds and 155 pounds, depending on your BMI and your bones. If you're 140 pounds now & you drop 15 pounds in 2 months, at the end of 2 months, you'll weigh 125 pounds - still within the ideal weight range of 115 to 155 that you think is too "big".. .

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    it sucks. just one word

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    track your macros use app called fat secret its easy and that is atainable

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  • Pippin
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    1 year ago

    If you need to lose the weight for a role, the producers should be setting you up with (and paying for) a dietician and trainer to help you make the necessary changes.

  • Donald
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    It is doable without much problems. Find a good TDEE calculator so you know your daily caloric needs, then adjust caloric intake to be about at a 750 caloric deficit daily. Exercise daily and you will lose the weight in 2 months.

    Best wishes

  • Anonymous
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    I assume you're 14 and your "friends" are fat shaming you.

  • Anonymous
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    Are you male or female? 15 lbs. in two months is very doable for a male, very difficult for a female. It requires a 2000 calorie a day deficit - a combination of dieting perfection and exercise obsession. 1200 calories a day is considered save for dieting. If its only for 2 months and you are in good health you might be able to go slightly lower. Get a physical exam and ask your doctor how low you can go.

    To hit calorie targets you will need a scale to weigh food, and an app or excel spreadsheet to keep track of calories and grams or macronutrients. Its easiest if you start by making a one day ideal meal plan, and then sticking to it for the 60 days. I've been eating the same meals every day, making changes only when I find ways to improve them.

    If you are a male 1200 calories might be a 2000 calorie deficit. It would be for me, and I only burn about 150 calories a day exercising (weights or abs &running ) and about 150 walking. If you are female , 1200 might only be a 1000 calorie deficit, and you would need to burn another 1000 exercising. This would be very hard if you have a job. You should do both strength training and cardio. An hour of weight training only burns about 200 calories, but it boosts your metabolism, HGH and T hormone accelerating fat loss. Cardio can burn 300 to 600 or more an hour, but has the opposite effect on metabolism, HGH and T.

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