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How do I come back from this?

For my entire life, I've gotten good grades and I guess I have a lot of pressure on me from my family. I'm trying really hard in all of my classes, but I failed the first test of my freshman year. My teacher won't let me drop the mark, or redo the test. I don't want it to weigh down my final grade. I was so stressed, I failed. I really don't want it to happen again. Does anyone have any tips for test-taking and maintaining a good GPA?

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    Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Everyone screws up occasionally, but successful people learn from their mistakes. Prepare yourself well for the next exam, but then when you walk into the classroom to take the test, relax. Re-lax. Take some slow deep breaths to calm yourself down. No more prepping, just sit down and take the exam. A relaxed attitude will help you do better on the exam.

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    You have to study hard. Also, ask the teacher for extra credit opportunities.

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    Look for extra credit options. If you can't change the bottom of the grade, look for ways to boost the top (extra credit). Tips for test taking, try to put yourself in the mind of the teacher.

    They have to come up with one correct, and a few wrong things. If you wanted to make wrong things, you may make one that seems like it might be correct, but isn't actually. To do this you need to have a bit that makes that question wrong. Whatever that bit is that invalidates the rest of the question (that could seem correct otherwise), should stand out a bit. Often they highlight that bit in class. When teachers make points to differentiate, call out, or highlight slight things that could qualify something, clue into that stuff. Like if I said "t/f, only mammals bark?" Well mammal seems a bit odd there, so you try and think of non mammals that bark.

    Often there is one question that is just wrong. Find that one and eliminate it, and spend time on the rest. When reading, try and put yourself in your teacher's mind as if s/he he were writing them, and see what they may be trying to get at teaching you. What is the important thing they are trying to get across. Whatever that deeper/bigger thing is, probably leaves hints in how things are set up/worded.

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    maybe you should get some tutors to help you out

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    Ok so it'a your first test and you didnt do well. It's ok!! Some good study methods are flashcards and maybe see about joining a study group.

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