Is it possible for me to get back in my right grade ?

I failed 3rd grade I’m in 10th grade now but I’m supposed to be in 11th grade and I can’t live with myself everyday knowing that I’m not supposed to be in this grade my classmates are too immature and my birthday is in July so I turn 19 years old right after I graduate and sucks because when I’m a senior my peers would have graduated already they’ll be moving on to college while I’m still in high school with the graduating class that I don’t belong with

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    First of all, Craig, let me start by saying that I also was held back for a year in elementary school, just as you were, and it had very little impact on my life. I still went to college, I still have a degree, and the fact that I was graduated a year later than my birth year indicated made no difference at all. My birthday is in September, and I turned 19 right after I arrived at college for my freshman year. The RA on my dorm wing even threw me a birthday party, in fact.

    I was 18 during my senior year of high school, too- and right now, I have two nephews who are 18 year old high school seniors. They didn't get held back, but one of them spent an extra year at pre-school, and skipped kindergarten. This means that yes, technically, he is a full year behind where he should be, given his age. But since he also has a birthday at the end of October, that evens things out. Contrary to what you think, your friends aren't going to abandon you just because you're still in high school- at least your real friends won't. Being held back for a year isn't a sign that you're a failure- it simply meant that you weren't ready to advance with your peers. Everyone learns at different speeds, Craig. You may have had problems with reading or math (lots of kids do at that age) and in order to give you a chance to master the basic skills you needed, your parents and the school officials decided that it was wiser for you to stay back a year. That happened to me, too- only it was in second grade, not third. It's not something to be ashamed of, although I am sure you've probably been teased and bullied about it. I was.

    Nobody thinks you're a failure, Craig. You had some issues with learning early on, but you have overcome them, as most people do and will if they are given a chance.

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    Yeah, I flunked a grade. I wouldn't have graduated from high school if I hadn't taken boy's chorus. Then I took a course at college, then I took two more , then two more. It took five years but I got a degree. I eventually became a Vice President of a manufacturing company.

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