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How can Russia/Ukraine influence US elections?

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    Have you visited the Politics category? By creating a whole lot of divisive crap like that. “I hate liberals and liberals hate Trump” is a really terrible reason to vote for someone, but people will go with it if they think a whole ton of other people agree.

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    The same as it was with Yeltsin in Russia.

    Nothing forgot. No one forgot.

    • August
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      and the British don'r forget either

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    Same way US tries to instill distrust and hate toward any sitting president the US does not want in power.It is all bigger than you and me. In this case, Ukraine's comedian says "Biden asked for..." and THAT info makes Biden a Bad Man. Do you think in comparison President Putin of Russia is fairly represented to Americans? Is it slightly possible USA tries to start or support anti-Putin protests? Color revolutions? I saw on Russian TV in 2003 in reports from Georgia (Tblisi, not Atlanta) how people had many new flags and symbols in a mass of thousands in the streets. (I used to have a link, but it dies) In this crowd, at least two people had Houston Texans "bullhead" emblems held high on staffs!! I began to wonder why... then it hit me! bush ii, "Texan", sports owner, Houston Texans... new team... bUSH! sponsor of the Georgian, anti Russian revolution.

    Source(s): My take on it from experience.
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    They can't. It is leftist fantasy.

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  • Anonymous
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    It / They cannot.

    It is Sinister Balderdash, Smoke in the air, while the other party moves the mirrors.

    Biden committed an open Crime of Selling Influence via his son, and Bragged about it on TV. Now since the Obama regime can no longer (yeah, really?) protect him the Trump is asking questions. So Biden has to do something to keep it from getting out of hand. (Jail time, career ending).

    The simplest is to accuse While everybody is running around "finding" evidence on the accuser, Biden goes about his business.

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