How do we successfully outlaw price discrimination when it comes to sex? Specifically when it comes to nightclubs?

Women have to pay less to enter nightclubs while gentlemen have to pay the full amount. This is highly unfair because they discriminate based on innate characteristics that we were born with. Since the feminists claim that discriminating on the grounds of sex is wrong, such as the Gender pay gap, it's quite ironic how they have never said anything when it comes to nightclub admittance. It's almost like they don't care when it doesn't directly affect them.

What nightclubs are doing is immoral and must be stopped. And before you say something stupid like "It brings in a bigger profit." Yeah and what's your point? The people who owned the plantations in the 16th and 17th century thought slavery was very profitable but that doesn't mean it wasnt immoral.

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    1 year ago
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    From what I've gathered, most people aren't interested in equality or freedom. For the most part, people like the thought of profiting and oppressing others. Not sure what could be done about it. Perhaps we should establish a network of people interested in freedom that doesn't oppress others?

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