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How to repond to someone correctly who is saying theyre happy about donald trumps impeachment? Not looking to get bashed looking for answer?

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    Ask them if they truly understand what Socialism Is, Explain to them.

    Democrats are pretending that anybody who doesn't want a system like Cuba or Venezuela or the Soviet Union simply doesn't understand what socialism means.

    Here are a couple of examples;

    Jemelle Hill from the Atlantic tweeted a while back, "my guess is 100 percent of the people who don't want a socialist have zero idea what socialism actually means ".

    Talk-show hosts Montel Williams also tweeted " the freak out over socialism is just a bunch of grifters on the right trying to get famous the world is on fire and we have a president who takes advice from clowns on cable TV", did I mention the world is on fire, no I'm not into banning cows or planes" he says.

    Let's define socialism, socialism is an economic system where the government is in control of the means of production and distribution.

    Democrats argument then is that their policy ideas like high taxes and Medicare for all and the green new deal aren't socialism because government doesn't own the industry.

    That is materially misleading. Democrats are simply morphing the definition of socialism from government owning the industry and therefore reaping all the profit to government controlling the industry and taxing away all the profits potato potaato.

    This is what happens in socialist nations or nations with socialist policies.

    In Venezuela the government has unleashed tear gas in maternity wards at hospitals, they have murdered dissidents there's a mass starvation of their people happening.

    They torture political opponents, they have detained journalists who asked the dictator about democracy.

    In Cuba the elites fly to Spain. The people of Cuba have to bring their

    own light bulbs to the hospital they're and they not allowed to leave the country, and if they criticize the communist government they disappear.

    In the UK, yes, the UK is a free nation but with a socialist health care system government decides whether babies like Charlie guard dies based on how expensive it would be for the government to pay for his health care.

    Even though socialists tell us health care is a basic human right and

    therefore shouldn't be tied to money.

    For adults in the UK surgeries that are urgent are forcibly postponed by the government-run socialist health care system who again doesn't want to pay for the surgeries.

    Canada's socialist healthcare system wait times are so long people jump our border come here to the United States for the latest innovative

    cancer treatment.

    In the Soviet Union people ate their own shoes they were forbidden from leaving the country, they were followed by secret police if they criticize the government, they were not allowed to listen to music, they were tortured and killed if they didn't toe the socialist ideological line.

    100 million innocent people all around the world were killed as a direct result of socialist and communist regimes in the 20th century.

    Do we want that to happen again?

    People who don't want socialism here in the United States are the people who understand the danger of socialist regimes, and anybody foolish enough to support a socialist after all the history we have that shows us how socialism will hurt us and our families.

    You are the people who don't understand what socialism actually means.

    Also try to get them to watch OAN NEWS and see the real facts presented with actual video and fact checks to back up what they say.


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      Don't bother trying to explain how this screed on socialism has anything to do with the question which concerns impeachment. The asker gave you ten points for an answer that has nothing to do with the question. Apparently you think alike and have no idea what you're asking or answering.

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  • 4 months ago

    Do you really want the government dictating to you? That is socialism and communism. The government can attempt protection and the people can attempt provision, but it takes God for our protection and provision. The American people sent Donald Trump to Washington to stir up the establishment because their divisive behavior is destroying our nation. We didn't send him as a Republican, but as a wealthy person who could stand boldly against both parties, yes both Republicans and Democrats. Destroying Washington does not destroy America and it could put us on a better foot to recovery. The bickering in Washington is getting us no place, but down. We didn't send President Trump to appease old do-nothing politicians.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Say "I knew you were. I didn't think you were an idiot."

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  • 5 months ago

    If you need uz to advize you, I reckon it bezt that you don`t compel yourzelf to rezpond.

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  • audrey
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    5 months ago

    I just say I hope Mike Pence makes your life h*ll.

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  • 5 months ago

    More than two-thirds of House Democrats and one Independent have said they now ... their support since Monday, as more details have emerged from Mr. Trump's ... for his or her position and has been updating this page with each response. ... who do not currently support impeachment proceedings say investigations of .

    • ryan5 months agoReport

      But why would they want to impeach him when he has done nothing wrong?

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  • 5 months ago

    integral of x(2x-1)^3dx

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