Basement flooded after plumbing company worked on my home, need help sorting out a few things?

I hired a plumbing company due to gurgling sounds & clog in pipes. They said that the sewage drain on the side of our home that led to the road had been clogged with roots from the front yard tree, and that the pipe had a dip in the middle of it.

On the first day they worked, they replace the old drain but left a 2 foot wide ditch open along the whole side of my house.when complete, they left the ditch open, they said they needed to wait for the inspector to clear there work. Thursday is when they dug the ditch, Friday the inspector came and passed the trench, but in the notes the inspector wrote that the "last section of pipe at tap does not have proper fall".

The trench was left open during the weekend and was not filled in for about a week after ( im not sure the exact day because the company changed the dates on ALL forms of invoices we have (which we can prove because our bank statements.)

We do not go in our basement because it is used for storage.

About 5 months later, i walked down in the basement and find out it is flooded with black water (Grade 3).

Our insurance wont cover because its ground water, there insurance company said there's no proof it's from them. We have owned our home for 7 years, and the has never been a drop of water except when the company. its been 2 months and not a drop after they left. We now owe a massive bill to another company that cleaned it out we have no idea how the water came into the house. Pics to help, cant write anymore. Help pls!


Basement flooded after plumbing company worked on my home, is this due to hydro static pressure

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  • 4 months ago
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    you need a solicitor or attorney to evaluate the chances of suing the plumbing outfit. apparently, their open trench work along the side of the house changed the drainage pattern improperly.

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    • STEVEN F
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      Given this story, an attorney won't even arrange an inspection before declining the case.

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  • 4 months ago

    Well, now that you have the mess cleaned up, wait until it happens again and pay attention to what is going on. It is your responsibility protect your property by determining what is causing the problem.

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    • Earleen
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      Are there other sewer connections on your sewer line?  Any plumbing connection in the basement that leaked and were fixed by 2nd company you hired, and they didn't tell you.

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  • 4 months ago

    If it took FIVE MONTHS, it isn't related to whatever the plumbing company did.

    You may as well sue a restaurant because you got food poisoning 5 months after you ate there.

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