Food label question?

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1. Which proposed change do you think is the most important? Explain why.

2. Are there any other changes you think the FDA should make to the nutrition label? Explain.

I need to put this in my report.


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  • 4 months ago
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    Try posting in Education and Reference in the Homework Help section. Too bad they didn't include a side by side comparison (but you can probably find one on the site). The overall readability is improved. What would be helpful to me is a total package calories, so I don't have to do the math in my head. There are a number of items where I eat half a package, instead of 2/3 cup.

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  • 4 months ago

    Products from animals fed a GM diet? (milk/cheese/yoghurt from cows; meat)

    Products that were made with ingredients produced from GM microorganisms? (vitamins; colorants; aromas)

    Products made with proteins from GM microorganisms? (cheese)

    Maybe even medicines produced from GM microorganisms?

    Or do you consider that only some of these products should be labelled? Which would be more informative to consumers, which would "enlighten" them most?

    I do not consider labelling per se to be enlightening. This would require an information campaign that informs people about the myriad possibilities of using modern biotechnology/gene technology for the production of food, feed, fiber, fuel and other products.

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