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When and how can we *simultaneously* deliver increased yields and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture?"?

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  • Fulano
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    2 months ago

    Well, I can tell you on the livestock side.

    There is a huge portion of land in the world that isn't being used properly. The plants are dying because they have evolved to need herd animals to thrive. This is causing the plants to die and that land is releasing tons of carbon into the air because of decay and oxidation. Possibly, more carbon than everything mankind is producing.

    But, if we put that land into production, I've seen such land increase plant growth by 10x, meaning we're turning the land that's emitting carbon into land that's absorbing carbon. On top of that it provides food and jobs. The only trick is finding educated herdsman that have learned how to proper scheduled grazing.

    Same thing with forestry. The tradition in the US is to leave them alone so now they're full of mostly dead trees due to disease, parasites, etc. Those forests are burning at record rates. If we simply let people log them in sustainable ways (such as thinning, or clear cutting small patches in the center of the forest), again, we'll bring back forest growth, which pulls carbon out of the air, creates jobs, housing, etc.

    It really is that easy.

    If you want more information, look up a Ted Talk by Allan Savory in Youtube, it's very informative, and I can tell you I've seen his ideas be applied with wild success all over the place.

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