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What's the weather like in Chicago during the month of October?

I'm from Texas and will be in Chicago the first week of October. Can I wear a dress and not freeze to death? What kind of jacket will I need?

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    Lady, just wear something nice 'n warm, alright. In my experience: what northeners might find a perfectly average day, southerners may feel it's rather chilly.

    Source(s): I'm used to Scandinavian weather. It always cracks me up to see Italians and Greeks freezing their nuts off despite wearing thick coats, while I'm just strolling around in my shorts.
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    Not nearly as cold as we would like but its not as hot as most months

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    You need to look on a weather website right before you go and make a "game day" decision on what to wear.  October is a transitional month in most of the U.S.  In Chicago it could be cold (40's), raining and windy or it could be warm (70's) and sunny.  Over several days, you could experience many different weather patterns.  You should always take a jacket and umbrella to Chicago unless you want to be cold and wet.  

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    Usually, highs will be in the 60s and you will need a jacket. On occasion, there may be a freezing day, or a day with highs in the upper 70s.

    I would not wear a dress because I am a guy.

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    Should be very nice. Take a light jacket.

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    Chicago, the windy city.  My dad used to tell me if you do not like the weather just hang around it will change.

    No, you will not freeze.  Average is this:


    63 / 43 °F 



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    Generally? Or specifically this year? You can go to any weather website and get a 10 day or 2 week forecast for Chicago right now.

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      And random people telling you what the weather is generally like during a month is a better forecast?

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