How much wiggle room can I ask for when it comes to a “raise” with my boss.... this gets interesting.?

I currently am in my first year of my first real job with a successful healthcare company as a Marketing specialist. I’m doing fairly well, but my boss just got forced to resign and got an offer elsewhere where she needs to create a new marketing team. She has hinted that she will try to recruit me and another girl, I’m only making enough to get by (34,000) so would asking for 45k be too much since it’s with a brand new company? I just would like opinions before I mention if asked so I don’t sound stupid.

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  • Pam
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    11 months ago
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    If you have the experience, education and skill to command 45k then go for it. But if your work experience only commands 35k you may not be able to get a 10k raise. But rather than throw out a number first, if she recruits you, ask her what the position pays. This way you know how to negotiate from there.

  • 11 months ago

    depends on company to company. If you boss is nice start with a higher amount and if he lowers it just say the amount you originally wanted

  • Judy
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    11 months ago

    Not ridiculous to ask. Actual offer will likely be somewhere in the middle. A lot might depend on whether you mean you have almost a year's experience, or just graduated this year and started a couple months ago.

  • Mark
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    11 months ago

    Oh, by far. Ask for at most a 10% raise.

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