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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 7 months ago

Once a child is a cruel to a small animal, they don't stop?

My friend is dealing with her 8 year-old cousin that's been acting cruel to frogs these past 4 months. They were the first animals she became cruel with.

This is what my friend informed me about her:

She catches several frogs, gets a kitchen ax, decapitates them and places the heads on jars. Then she tosses out its body.

However, yesterday my friend informed me the bad news that she kicked a cat and started laughing. The mother has now set up an apt with a child psychologist. So first it was just frogs and now a cat. That was a fast escalation.

So basically once a child is deliberately cruel to a smaller animal (a frog) then it'll continue escalating to a bigger one (a cat) and won't stop at all???


Her parents divorced since the girl was a toddler. She only sees her father on the weekends. The father still thinks the girl is going through a normal, childhood rebellious, exploration stage. We don't think so. The behavior just escalated from frog to a cat.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago
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    Not necessarily.

    Some children are brutally scientific researchers who do not access all the moral/ethical/heart stuff we do. With guidance and proper counseling, this child could change her ways. There might be something disturbing her too, and with counseling, she could change her ways. She might have witnessed something in a college video of her mother's or father's (dissection), or heard someone talk about it. She needs help to know right and wrong, so she won't continue abusing animals.

    I know of a boy who used to grab cats by the tail and swing them around and throw them off the porch :( I was so scared for the cat and screamed and tried to keep cats away from him. He went on to pranking people by holding a 2x4 board across the stairway and other things. The animal thing stopped, but the people thing did not for a long time. He got help and a new outlet for his feelings, and isn't like that anymore. All things are possible. It's good your friend's taking her child in for counseling.

    Don't leave her alone with any pets or children.

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  • 7 months ago

    It can with the proper intervention. The Mother's decision to take the child to a psychologist is the right and wisest move.

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