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Is Tinder ever used for non physical relationships?

Before I begin, I just want to say that I'm not going to acknowledge any comment that goes along the lines of "grow a pair" and so on about my discomfort with being physical currently.

I've asked on ends about dating sites that I've tried. I've heard from many that Tinder is becoming the only active spot for anything. However, I'm not ashamed to admit that I am Not only a 20 year old sex virgin, but a relationship virgin as well. Call me a loser, I've just had a lot of emotional issues and social disconnection over the years I've my life. It was only 2 weeks ago that I was able to feel a tinge of that "loving" feeling people talk about (I'm autistic, and have had trouble accessing it prior) with a girl I came back into touch with. I didn't act on it (let's just say I know that one couldn't work), but I felt something, and I decided to try dating websites.

I have written off Tinder as a place that connects first through physicality, then through the other. I can't do that. I am insecure, scared and internally frightened by the mention of physicality. Not to say that I never want it, but I want to pace things slow. I'm not a physical guy. Before I do Anything I need to write out things on paper.

Please, people who aren't jerks, help me.

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    Yes, Tinder has become notorious for being an app that's only really used for hooking up now. Obviously there are people on there who are serious about dating, but they're in the minority. I would suggest trying Bumble or Hinge. I haven't used either of them (I don't use dating apps in general) but a lot of my friends have and they say that a lot of people on both apps want actual relationships. Particularly Hinge, because it requires you to submit a lot of information for your profile as regards to things like your interests and educational background, and people who are just looking for a hook-up simply wouldn't be bothered to fill all of that information in lol. Good luck!

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    I just wanted to let whoever may see this know, that I've since re-evaluated certain things.

    I'm taking responsibility for my life now. I think I need to move away from asking questions completely and get to actually fixing my life on my own.

    I know what my problems are. I need to stop hiding from them.

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    Maybe talk with a therapist about these things. There are male therapists out there, and they aren't going to judge you for having insecurities, and whatever else is going on. Maybe they could be instrumental in helping you to find a healthy way to communicate?

    And by the way, girls are good for more than just sex.

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      I am autistic, and have little want for sex right now, honestly. Thnx for assuming what I want.

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    Some people try, but even people who want real relationships might give in to sex too soon with their Tinder dates. It's very easy to find hookups on Tinder, hard to find people who want to meet more than once.

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