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joseph asked in PetsDogs · 6 months ago

Sisters don’t care about dog.?

I understood why parents now say to their kids when they want a pet, “you get a pet you’ll stop caring for it in a couple of days.” My sisters and I got a pet )this is a husky by the way and many know how much love and attention they need to get) but they stop caring after it pooped peed and still had worms since it didn’t have its shot. I’m annoyed cause since it’s “our” they got to name him. the thing is this, they don’t want to deal with cleaning after the pet, I buy all of the puppy stuff and going to take him to the vet for his shots, while they just sit in their room saying that the pet just gonna go to the backyard. I just find it quite dumb how they get mad for it being a puppy and just thinking of the puppies future of just staying in the backyard. Should I just own the puppy for myself?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Please do be the one who takes over care of this puppy! Huskies really only bond with one person, and more than one person giving it orders can be a hassle for it. Get a good book on dog training and do start taking this dog outside for walks every evening. I have two Rottweiler/Shepherd mix dogs who are now 14 years old and we have logged a lot of miles by taking walks each evening around sunset. My cousin takes her dog everywhere. My cousin has a good bicycle and she rides her bike along the bike paths in Dallas TX and invites anyone to go with her and now she has a regular group that meets on Saturdays, they ride their bikes with their dogs running besides them and then they stop at a coffeehouse for snacks and good iced teas. I know of so many people who were indoors people until they got a husky, and then they bought bicycles and now they ride their bikes and go camping with their dog and bicycles and explore the state parks on weekends. Now they have logged miles and adventures to talk about instead of watching people having more fun on tv. Take care of this dog and it will reward you in loyalty! ,..... And loyalty is something money cannot buy. Good luck!

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  • ron h
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    6 months ago

    Big dogs take a lot of work-they need walks and play and grooming.  And it sounds like he needs worming and shots.   (I dunno much about huskies-I dunno if they really are a 1-man dog)   All dogs should be exposed to other dogs and non-family people while they're young and bigger dogs need exercise-walks and runs in dog parks.   HE NEEDS TO HAVE A COLLAR WITH YOUR NAME on it.  I'm wondering if you, by yourself, will have the time to take care of this dog by yourself.  I'm wondering if, while he's a pup, you should try to find him a new home.  Also, men sometimes have a hard time with it, but you should get him neutered or "fixed." 

    • joseph6 months agoReport

      im still thinking about what iam gonna do but as of now im going to keep him, but im also planning to move out cause i cant bare to being yelled at when he poops or pees when im not around. ive trained this dog so much in the first two days. im not gonna let them treat him like an animal.

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  • 6 months ago

    Thank you very much and I was thinking of buying a dog training book as well!

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