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Have the "-ers" teams turned it around here in 2019?

2018 was a tough year for the "-ers" teams but what about this year? In the NFC the 'ckers and the 'ners are both 3-0, however in the AFC west the 'ders are 1-2 (which was kind of expected) and so are the 'gers (which was not). The 'lers are an abysmal 0-3! The 'thers are also 1-2 so IDK maybe just a bit of a down year overall?

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    good question!!

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      Sick a big diϲk, queer bait.

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    Eaters are good this year, Snickers not so much, Whiners are doing good, Leaders are ok, Kenny Rogers business is ok

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    The names have nothing to do with how well they play. Frisco plays well because they have big improvements on defense. 2 pass rushers (Dee Ford and Nick Bosa added), and LB Kwon Alexander is a terrific acquisition. They also drafted a very good rookie LB. Their franchise QB Jimmy G. is healthy again, and he has a 11-2 record lifetime in the NFL, 9-2 with Frisco and 2-0 with New England as a starter. Their secondary is also better because Richard Sherman is finally healthy and J. Tartt is also healthy again. Frisco also drafted a couple of good wide receivers. Good drafting and free agent acquisitions really help the team.

    In contrast Pittsburgh lost its quarterback for the season, and the Chargers' leading rusher is holding out for more money,. The Packers have improved a lot on defense. Their defense used to be a joke. The Raiders are 1-2 because they have an overrated quarterback who makes poor decisions. The Panthers went on a losing streak last year, and the streak continued into this season.

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