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15) Which of the following is a key feature of New Federalism?

a. grants in aid

 b. heavy use of block grants

c. limited state income tax

 d. increased income tax24) A reason for historical shifts in the Supreme Court can be traced toa. state courts b. the bureaucracy c. the party in power d. the president28) Early Americans had two choices of how to organize politics: unitary and _____.a. democracy b. confederation c. republic d. federalist29) Taking a state policy that works well and creating a national policy is an example of how the federal governmenta. creates fairness b. equalizes resourcesc. resolves problems of coordination d. standardizes best practices30) The Constitution is the final law of the land based on thea. necessary and proper clause b. supremacy clausec. full faith and credit clause d. commerce clause

31) Most American court cases are adjudicated in

a. federal courts

 b. military courts

 c. state courts

 d. international courts

32) Which of the following is the federal government responsible for?

a. education

 b. town governments

 c. internal improvements

d. establishing election policy

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