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How come the rafio dosent play real hip hop just this generic mumble trap?

i know theres excuses that "people listen ti em" or "cuz s popukar" but theres still alot of hip hop fans that dont wanna listen to that they wanna listen to "rappers and songs with flow, bars, or story telling struggles and concious rap" but even if the same aetists has those types of songs the radio disreguards them and only allow the ir songs about "byches, hoez, money, luxery, drugs partying and popularity"

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    A lot of radio stations try to keep up with the times and play the music people are putting out now and give it a lot of radio play so people end up liking it because they play it so much mostly .Here in Boston where I live we have an old school Hip Hop station on thr radio tthat plays 2pac,Biggie old school And etc. I wish there were more channels on the radio that do the same.

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