How many members of the Deep State will be Epsteined to Protect Obama and the Clintons?


The DoJ IG's report will confirm multiple high ranking Obama administration officials committed felony crimes in connection with using the Steele dossier to obtain warrants. Can Obama and the Clintons be certain the Deep Statists will go to prison for decades instead of squealing?

Update 2:

It goes like this:

DoJ interrogator to accused "There are 20 years in prison for your crime. If you give us one other participant you get ten. If you give us three other participants you get five.... and so on. Mow, what will it be?"

Suspect: "Uhhhhhhh. I don't want to do 20 years, sooooooo...."

Update 3:

@ Blue Face troll: Even the Huffington Post - which hates Trump - didn't believe her.

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  • Rod
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    3 months ago
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    Don't forget Prince Andrew of the British royal family was connected to this Epstein character.

    Epsteins apparent suicide in a high tech security prison is so suspicious.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Probably Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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  • Piero
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    3 months ago

    ?? Epstein seemed to be a major procurer for the Mar a Lago's brothel. Clinton was only an acquaintance. Seems that he was not even a customer.

  • 3 months ago

    They have a hang room at the ready.


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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    It was actually to protect Donald Trump. A woman, Katy Johnson, who accused Trump of raping her when she was 13 years old at Jeffrey Epstein's house, withdrew her suit after receiving death threats. Don't you think Michael Cohen knows about that too?

    • W.T. Door
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      3 months agoReport

  • Thomas
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    3 months ago

    Neither Obama nor Bill is president anymore, get over them.

  • 3 months ago

    The only members of the Deep State are the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution to protect average Americans from a dictatorship.

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