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Totally scared I've written off my life?

So I'm 37 and have been suffering from crippling panic attacks and anxiety since I was 22, but I'm finally pulling through and realized, now the worry and hypochondria has subsided, that I'm 37, working inappropriately horrible retail job and worried I let my life pass in panic attacks.

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    multiple articles to help with anxiety etc. i recently was very anxious and stressed. i was getting married so i had to sell my house move to a new state where i had no connections, quit my job that i loved and start over. find a new place to live. all in a couple months time. reviewing these really helped

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    I feel ya. I didnt realize I had an anxiety disorder till about the age you are now. I cant be given Benzo's I just go stupid on them, and I mean stupid. I abuse them, badly so its really hard. try telling someone you know that the reason you dont do so weell in life is Anxiety. Fat FRicken chance they will understand. You could do what I have done and just isolate yourself completely. Get drunk every night to take the edge off the nerves. But its really not helpful for your physical health. Have you got ulcers yet? Im constantly worried im going to have a stroke or heart attack from my worry. Hot Flushes are harsh too. Im just glad I know whats happening to me, as a child, adolescent and young adult I was told it was bipolar and other things, but never anxiety. Psychologists arnt worth a dam, doctors etc. they miss diagnosed me for 2 decades. I can never know what its like exactly for someone else, but if your anything like me, then I so feel for you. Anxiety is sooo debilitating

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    At 37, your life has just started. Put everything behind you and look straight ahead to a bright future. It is very important to dedicate your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Lord who brings down good gifts from above.

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    Why? Are you sentenced to life in state prison?

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    I have Friedreich's Ataxia and I thought I had died. Before I had an anxiety that I was going to die on the spot. I took off my closed, showered, watched TV and settled down. I keep my pillows high.

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    the profile this the same person with all the other crazy questions? is it?

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    There are only three negative emotions - anger, fear and sadness - and variations of them.

    Why allow sadness to rule you - to 'press you down'?

    Why give control of your life over to anything?

    Emotions are not an indicator of reality.

    You can sit in a movie theater and be very afraid, but in reality you are perfectly safe.

    Because we are trained to hide our weaknesses and show our strengths, most people use anger as their 'go-to' emotion when they are (in reality) hurting.

    In other cases, retreating into yourself and allowing sadness to rule your mind has caused crippling self-concern.

    The advertising industry programmed us to think we don't have enough. It sells their products and drives the economy. They want you to think you're not good enough. Not cooool enough.

    They made you insecure.

    'THINK AHEAD' they told you as a child... but think about what? You control nothing. Thinking ahead inspires fear of what's coming - which is anxiety.

    Does it feel good to feel sorry for yourself, cuz no one else will? That hook will drag you into a deep deep pit of depression. Helping others gets your mind off of you and the inevitable morbid self obsession.

    Like I said, for others, anger becomes a 'go-to' emotion - they can't deal with people and don't want to show them the are sad, lonely and hurt.

    Don't resort to anger. Let it go people. Anger is NOT a god... it is not protecting you... it is destroying you... ruining your life.

    Forgive. Most things can be brushed off. For deep betrayal, or wilful wrongs against you... forgive them because you need forgiveness too....

    And if you don't forgive, God will not forgive you.

    All these things are lessons that Jesus taught me... just a few of countless lessons on my journey with him. Make him the Lord of your life: make him your bomb shelter; he will protect you and set you free. He is the way and the truth and the life, and you will finally enjoy yours and be a blessing to others if you humble yourself and seek mercy from him.

    God bless you on your journey.

  • Alfred
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    2 months ago

    pkease, don't give up... don't break down...

  • 2 months ago

    Why worry about something you can't change?

  • 2 months ago

    maybe you should get some counseling, it might help you out

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