My friends and I have become. good mates but out of nowhere they have started spreading rumours and posting embarrassing videos of me online?

We started off as good friends hanging out together and playing PlayStation etc. But then a'll of sudden they started calling me names like ''gay'' and '******'' even though I thought we were friends. At first I thought it was a joke and didn't say anything but then it got worst. I came to school and they started to hit me on the head and slap me whilst calling me gay but I ignored it and foolishly allowed it. Then after that I texted one of boys t that called me gay and sent a bunch of texts telling him to stop and telling him how I feel, and he said he would stop. But the next day he had taken screenshots and sent them to my other friends embarrassing me and meaning I got made fun of even more. After that though he had taken it to a whole new level he recently posted a private video of me on Instagram embarrassing me in front of everyone I know. I have reached the point were I don't know what to do and am getting so p***** off that I am honestly going to go insane. Can someone help me and tell me what do to because I have let this go too far.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Victims of bullying face a difficult challenge—that of maintaining balance under pressure. When someone bullies you, he is probably eager to throw you off balance emotionally. He is hoping that you will resort to extremes of anger or show terror. If you fly into a fit of rage or burst into tears and express hurt or fear, the bully is getting what he wants. So he may try to provoke the same reaction again and again.

    What can you do? Consider the following suggestions. They are written primarily with the young in mind, but the principles may also apply to adults dealing with bullies.

    ▪ Keep cool. Don’t give in to rage. The Bible wisely advises: “As a city broken through, without a wall, Is the man who cannot control his temper.” (Proverbs 25:28) When your temper is out of control, you give the bully power over you, and you are likely to do things you will only regret.

    ▪ Try to put thoughts of revenge out of your mind. Vengeance often backfires. At any rate, revenge is not really satisfying.

    ▪ When things appear to be getting heated, get away quickly. In general, try to steer clear of those who tend to bully.

    ▪ If bullying persists, you may need to speak up for yourself. Choose a moment when you are calm, look the bully in the eye, and speak in a firm, level voice. Tell him that you don’t like what he is doing—that it is not funny and that it hurts. Do not resort to insults or challenges.

    ▪ Talk to a responsible, caring adult about the bullying. Be specific about the problem, and ask for help in handling it. Do the same in your prayers to God, and this can be a wonderful source of help and comfort.

    ▪ Remember that you have value as a person. The bully might want you to think that you don’t matter, that you deserve to be treated badly. But he is not your judge. God is, and he looks for the good in each of us. It is the bully who becomes less worthwhile by resorting to such conduct.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Report them before it goes way too far. Tell your parents.

  • Nathan
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    2 months ago

    They are now harassing you, I suggest screenwriting all the evidence and showing it to them. Tell them that if they do not stop that not only will you tell the school, but you will tell the police as this is bullying and can be charged as a criminal offence. I suggest telling a teacher about it anyway to help you during school and give you guidance

    • Steven2 months agoReport

      Thanks for your help I will try to resolve this problem alone and if that doesn't work I will have to report it with the evidence. Thanks anyway

  • 2 months ago

    If my "friends" did that to me I would tell them to stop before I report them. If it wasn't that serious, but in this case it is, I would just let it pass. But as I read this, it seems like it's getting a bit too serious. If they don't end up stopping in a few days, report to a counselor or to a police officer. It might not seem cool and all but there are other kids who are having the same problem and might look up to you and do the same. 

    • Steven2 months agoReport

      On I hadn't thought about that cheers

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Standard approach is to beat the crap out of them.

    • Steven2 months agoReport

      Let my parents down big-time I meant

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