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New music?

I am into metal, punk, rock, but I want to find more kinds of music. I love all types. I’ll tske music from those genres, I’ll take music from genres I’ve never new existed.

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  • RockIt
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    2 months ago

    If you like good guitar music, you might appreciate the jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, regardless you should listen to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and a few other jazz masters.

  • 2 months ago

    Look up Arco Iris. an Argentinan 'new-wave' jazz band, good stuff.

  • Henry
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    Good cause there are a lot of EDM and other genres out there, house, deep house, ethnic deep house (arabic and latin deep house seem to work the best), chillout, bossa nova, trap, liquid drum and bass, big room, eurodance, dutch house, bounce, europop, psytrance, dark psytrance, progressive house, trance, progressive trance, eurobeat, nightcore, moombahton, reggae, jungle, techno, deep techno, nu disco, dub techno, deep techno, future bass, future house, jazz, swing, bebop, hard bop, soul, funk,  electroswing, hip hop, jazzhop lofi, , melodic dubstep, nu jazz, Cuban, Puerto Rican, merengue, Dominican Republican, Asian, pagan, European folk, Irish, klezmer, Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan, modern Japanese music, Columbian, Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, Mexican, Flamenco, Romani/Gypsy, Eastern European, Russian, Native American, Andean, etc.

  • Ducky
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    2 months ago

    I’m mostly a metal guy but I did discover Heilung recently. I think they’re amazing -

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