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Why are NBA teams resting players these days?

Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, etc. are all getting rest days from games. I don't remember top players of yesteryear like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson being rested. As far as I know, NHL, football, soccer, and other athletes aren't rested. Why are teams resting players now... they're professional athletes, so putting in at least 20 minutes of basketball a night should be easy for them.

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    The Spurs did this and it extended Tim Duncan's playing career. They also won several championship and haven't missed the playoffs since the 1990's

    Teams are just copying strategies of a successful franchise

    I think Kawhi Leonard said the regular season is just an exhibition and the playoffs is where the real season begins. That and he has tendonitis in his knees so it's also to prevent injury

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  • 4 months ago

    These days?!? Michael Jordan took ENTIRE SEASONS off from the game during his career, TWICE. Michael Jordan retired at 40 years old. By the time LeBron was 33 years old, James had already played more total NBA minutes than Jordan did by the time he retired at age 40! And by 33 years old, Magic Johnson had been retired for TWO YEARS already (obviously because of a non-basketball reason, but still...). You're not remotely comparing apples to apples.

    Not only that, but LeBron played all 82 games his last season in Cleveland (AFTER going to the Finals 7 (SEVEN) consecutive seasons). Look, if LeBron doesn't feel 100% one night and says he needs a night off, then I think he's probably earned it at this point in his career...

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    4 months ago

    Injury prevention, even though they're the softest generation alive, and I still stand by my sentiment that today's star players are the softest puzzies i've ever seen to grace the NBA.

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  • all about preventing injury

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