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Do Americans value opinions more than truth?

From my experience talking with Americans, i often get the impression that they value opinions more than 'truth'. I always feel that, they don't think that there is a correct statement and an incorrect statement, they just think that whatever you state or think is just your opinion, and even if you show them the facts, for them, it's just an ''opinion''.

Just few weeks ago i pointed at an incorrect information written in the news to one of my American friends, and he just said ''well, that's just their opinion''. But it's not just ''their opinion'', they literally published an information that is not accurate. How Is stating false facts an ''opinion''? If i say ''the capital of France is Mexico city''. Is that just my opinion or is that a LIE? I am clearly stating a FALSE INFORMATION. That is NOT an opinion. If i say the capital of France is Paris, that is not just my opinion, that is THE TRUTH.

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    There's a tendency of people to believe that certain opinions ARE facts.  So the line between fact and opinion is not always as firm and clear as your France/Mexico City example suggests.

    Americans (after listening to their president create facts for four years) have compensated by adopting the presumption that ANYTHING someone claims to be fact may actually NOT be factual.  Of course, it is not polite to tell someone that you don't trust their version of "fact" - so they now tend to just say "Yes, I appreciate that you think two plus two equals four.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion."

    We can certainly find plenty of cases that are absolutely devoid of controversy and solidly "factual" - but some people (including many Americans) have learned it's necessary (to forestall or avoid arguments) to refuse to acknowledge ANYthing as objectively factual.

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      In my experience, many older Americans won't engage in debate unless they see a significant probability of it being productive (which is rare, in that country).

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    Most of us don't know the truth because we don't have any unbiased media in this country. Facts tend to escape us too because our public school system is so bad.

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    unfortunately they do seem to value opinions more than the truth because they want to hear what others have to say so they won't feel bad about themselves when it comes to their issues.

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    I agree, I live in america. There is no truth here.

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    MSM promotes propaganda news via opinion.That's where the average American learns and accepts as fact.With a once great empire you get lazy and take life for granted.

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    It seems that some do.

  • When you have the largest economy and the largest military, you're allowed to disregard facts. That's how the world has worked since time immemorial.

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