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Compare and contrast geographic isolation between americas and sub-saharan africa....?

compare and

contrast the ways in which geographic isolation shaped the development of the Americas and

sub-Saharan Africa as distinct from Afro-Eurasia up to 200 BCE.

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  • Joseph
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    2 months ago

    Compare and contrast your final grade for the course if you do your own work and if you ask random strangers to give you (possibly incorrect) homework answers. When you make a comparison you should factor in the possibility that your instructor is monitoring this and other Q&A sites like this one to catch cheaters.

  • ioerr
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    2 months ago

    well as jared diamond famously put it, your eurasian continent etc is largely a big horizonal thing, with a straight shot from east to west going thousands and thousands of miles, all in the same latitudes, and not a whole lot of serious geological barriers in that direction. so you had all kinds of trade and diffusion of knowledge and innovation east to west there, between all kinds of different people overtime

    whereas your sub saharan africa, and the continents of the western hemisphere, are far more mainly defined by their north/south orientation, at the comparable scale, so that in those places, there a lot more barriers to trade/diffusion of knowledge and innovation and so on, imposed by the variations in climate, north to south. you had all kinds of people in different parts of these continents who could not readily exchange agricultural methods or even conveniently travel from the northern to southern extremes, due to the differences in climate alone, even though there were obviously areas in each roughly comparable to parts of eurasia etc, climate wise

    and so on. he said a lot of other stuff on the subject too. just read his book guns germs and steel a couple weeks ago

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