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Why is my right glute rounder, higher, and bigger than my left one?

I have been working out for 4 months and a half (glutes centered) and I have noticed a bit of improvement. However my right glute is bigger and looks better than my left one. Is there anything I can do to make them even?

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  • Logan
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    I would begin by having it checked by a doctor. It could be due to some unevenness in hips or length of legs. It could also be due to a severe strain of tear of the glute sometime in the past.

    15 years ago I noticed the right glute was a lot smaller. I had strained it severely several times in karate and weightlifting but never had it checked by a doctor. To correct it, I began doing more squats and deadlifts, but with slightly lower weight and much better form; along with barbell hip thrusts. The right glute has increased in size, and is now only slightly smaller. Doing various single leg glute exercises had no effect.

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