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Are interracial couples common in the U.S.?

In the Spiderman movies starring Tom Holland, his love inter MJ is portrayed by a mixed race actress Zendaya. Interracial couples make a very small percentage in the U.S. and the Spiderman movie has them as a interracial couple, also the character of Flash isn't a white teen but is of Indian decent. Regardless, I thought it was entertaining and the actors acted the part right and fit well with their personality of the comic characters......just not accurate to the demographics of the U.S.

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    That all depends where you live I inter-racial couple wouldn't get a second's practically the norm.

    If you lived in some Southern Po'dunk town might still get harrassed by racist idiots.

    As for Marvel......they claim in the years ahead, they want to introduce more ethnic characters......

    to off-set their almost entirely White world of superheroes.

    They've already given us Black Panther and then Black Falcon, ---who it appears will be the new Black Captain America. ------and they are supposely developing some Muslim or Arab superhero.

    In the comics........the only "Arab" X-Men they ever had, was a female, and her "power" was turning into sand...............(which many considered fairly racist) they will be trying to come up with new characters of different ethnic origins.

    As you yourself pointed out.....the new Flash seems to be some sort of nod in that direction.

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    when it comes down to it i dont care about anyone elses kids but mine but im not trying to have a mexican black kid. im just trying to live

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    Movie makers ALWAY go for a liberal viewpoint. You will see some in large metropolitan cities.  There are some in smaller cities, but they tend to attract attention. 

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    According to Pew Research, 10% of all American marriages are interracial, while it is 17% among newly married couples.

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    4 months ago

    Grant Gustin who plays The Flash on TV (is English, Welsch, German, and Irish). Ezra Miller who plays the Flash on the Justice League movie is Dutch, Jewish, and German.

    On the Spiderman movie, Zendaya is German, Scottish, and African-American

    Tom Holland: English & Irish

    ^ Really most people are mixed, and that's what a lot of people are figuring out when the do their DNA tests. People are a lot more than what they think they are... people usually know their ethnic backgrounds only going back to a certain point.

    In America, interracial couples are common, but understand interracial doesn't just mean African American mixed with Caucasian groups.

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      The asker was talking about the Spider-Man character Flash Thompson, not The Flash the superhero.

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