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When Christians say that gays are bad since they can't have children, does that mean that heteros who choose to not have any, are also bad?

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    The “they are bad because the can’t have kids” is just a front.

    The real reason so many Christians are against gays is because it makes the Christians question their own hidden sexual desires which makes them feel uncomfortable. For instance, many Christian men hide the fact that one of the main reasons why they enjoy going to church is because they are secretly attracted to the Priest.......

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    3 months ago

    Your first mistake is giving Christians credit for any intelligence whatever.

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    For some reason straight people who can't have children are exempt from their contempt. Which proves that it's not about having children at all, it's about hating gays.

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    I'm a Christians and I have never said gays are bad, and certainly not because they don't usually have children.

    So much for your question.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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  • 3 months ago

    Judgment belongs to God. Anyway, I recommend Christians to strive and stay in peak physical shape to avoid judgmental thinking.

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    LOL @ EXTREMELY pro-kids minded people, that are all like: "you're so freaking selfish for not having kids!!!11" As if your decision to have kids is not JUST as selfish? As if you're doing it as an act of charity, as opposed to just selfishly WANTING to breed? It's ridiculous.

    In the end, they are BOTH selfishly based, in most cases. Both the decision to have kids, for the people who want them, and the decision NOT to have kids, for the people who don't. But in the end, the latter is still FAR better for the world at large!! In terms of NOT contributing to exponential population growth, on a planet that's already WAY overcrowded with humans, and at a high risk of going to utter sh*t because of it.

    Source(s): Childfree person. (Who's neither gay nor straight, for the record.)
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    But they can, adoption is an option.

    I personally don't like children but I find adoption a very noble act..

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