Will I die if I get my heart rate up to 300?

Whenever I jog lightly for 30 minutes my heart rate gets up to 180. I can only imagine what it would be like if I ran fast which is something I can do f I conditioned myself to. I used to be able to maintain a somewhat fast pace for awhile but I stopped running. Years after I stopped running I developed some heart condition where I can't exercise moderately without my heart rate getting to 200 and I'm not even tired and I get palpitations sometimes. If I try to run at a fast pace I can imagine it getting to 300 because at slower pace it's 180. Can I die if I run faster and it gets to 300?

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    2 months ago

    Quite possibly.

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    in distance running training like the road running marathon, i have read that the maximum heart rate is 240/beats per minute. subtract your age, and then multiply by 75%; this gives one the maximum training heart rate, so as to not over-strain your heart muscle.

    240 - 40year=200 x 75%= 150/maximun training rate.

    from experience, when you do over-strain the heart muscle it will make you very, very tired. it could also damage the heart from over-straining the muscle, like stretching a ligament or bruising a muscle. then, recovery requires rest.

    exercise is healthy for the mind and body, but use common sense, so as to strengthen the person.

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    3 months ago

    You need to get your doc's clearance before you do any strenuous exercise. Could you die? Sure (that's true for just about anyone, esp when their heart rate spikes). Hitting 180 when you aren't really pushing yourself, is not a good sign.

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    That's a question for you health care team.

    There is a lot of variation in humans' maximum heart rates. In one group I used to train with, one of the runners had a heart rate that would go over 200 BPM on long runs. But, for me, 200 BPM was well over my maximum.

    For her, 200 BPM was no problem. But, if I had a heart rate that high, I would have needed an ambulance.

    Even so, 300 BPM would be frightenly high. It's hard to imagine a healthy human heart beating that fast, but a damaged one might.

    If healthy people work extremely hard, such as sprinting as far as possible, their bodies would force them to stop. They would then need a few minutes to "catch their breath" and would not be harmed. During the work period, they would likely reach their maximum heart rate.

    But, for people with some heart conditions, working hard can be dangerous. You already know you have a heart condition, so your health care team should have advised you on what activities, and at what intensities, are dangerous for you. If they didn't, you need to ask them.

    But, if you have not actually had your heart condition diagnosed, you need to bring that to your physician's attention.

    I should ask how do you know your heart rate gets to 180?  If you are using a heart rate monitor (HRM), how reliable is it? 

    I ask because during some of my workouts, my HRM reported a heart rate that was about 2 to 2.5 times my actual heart rate. Other times, it gave a reading that was half to a third of my actual heart rate. Sometimes, it stopped detecting my heart rate. This happened because the chest strap was in poor condition.

    By the way, if someone reading this, who is in good health, including heart health, is thinking of sprinting as far as possible, please do a good warmup first. Going from rest to high intensity quickly can be harmful.

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      If you get an HRM reading of 180, try stopping and manually take your pulse rate for 15 seconds. Multiply by 4. There's some error in measuring your heart rate for 15 seconds, but it's good enough to see if what your HRM says is "in the ballpark" of your actual heart rate.

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    i would hope not but i would ask your doctor this question

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    3 months ago

    Reaching 180 is possible when running a sport like high-performance running.

    But surpassing a certain threshold (which depends on age) is very dangerous (see image).

    For a good training you need to reach a good effort, but you can't overdo it because it can be very dangerous.

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