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My parents keep buying my sister things and they do everything for her, then complain afterwards that she is irresponsible?

Lately I've noticed how my sister has my parents wrapped around their finger. If she needs something, my mum will buy it, or she will go all the way to town get really drunk and ring at like 3am demanding a lift and they'll just go and pick her up. They complain how their lives have been taken over and how she is irresponsible when on night outs and with money, but yet they carry on doing everything for her. Is this normal for a younger sibling to be treated this way?

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    What is your sister's age? If she is still a minor and your parents are still legally responsible for her, they may still have some time, yet, for reversing some of their poor parenting and correcting the problems that THEY have helped to create. If not, they have a decision to make about whether or not to let her continue living with them in their home, and/or setting down some boundaries, requirements for doing so, e.g., not getting drunk. From your description, I'd guess its awfully late to be learning new and better parenting skills. But if she's still a minor, its their duty to at least try.

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    Your parents are stupid. End of story

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    it dont sound normal to me either

  • Anonymous
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    When you ask if this is normal, I vote no. Sure, a lot of times parents lighten up a bit with younger sibs, and I saw this in my own family. But I'm talking about minor stuff, like having a later bedtime, then a later curfew, letting them drive at night (when I had to wait until I was 17, lol).

    But what's happening here is different, because they're enabling irresponsible behavior and then trying to make up for that by buying her stuff. So they're rewarding bad choices. This is never ok.

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  • 2 months ago

    Ask them! Nicely!

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