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Are all electric cars impractical at this time?

Im not referring to hybrids that switch over to using gasoline when the charge is low.

Im referring to all electric cars, where you plug them in at home and power is the vehicles only fuel.

It works fine for around town transportation, but what about road trips where you ars driving many States away?

For example, I drive a fully gasoline powered car, and I'm driving from Virginia to Wichita, Kansas to spend several days with family this Thanksgiving.

And during the trip, I can stop for gas at any time.

Bht where would I stop to recharge an all electric car?

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    For town use they're great, therefore they're not impractical for town use. However, for long journeys they're hopeless. Battery technology has not kept up with politician's BS.

  • 2 months ago

    There are lots of reasons to avoid electrics. I live in a planned community. The HOA management won't allow charging stations on the premises! We have about 2,000 vehicles that have to remain gasoline engined.

  • JetDoc
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    2 months ago

    Even with today's most efficient all-electric cars, they are only good for around 300 miles before the batteries have to be recharged, and that can take as long as 12 hours before you can go another 300 miles. That's when you should RENT a gasoline powered car to use for your out-of-state road trips.

    • Duncan2 months agoReport

      If Im buying a car, Im buying one that gets me where I want to go, any time I want to go there.

  • 2 months ago

    Anywhere there is the infrastructure to support them, they’re totally practical.

    So that includes many European countries, some US cities, and possibly the State of California.

    But the USA as a whole is generally lacking in charging infrastructure, so unless you buy the latest models with realistic ranges of around 250 miles and can accept overnight recharging on domestic AC outlets then they’re certainly not practical within the USA and most of the Americas for long distance journeys.

    Many US drivers would not accept overnight charging unless their car could be driven all day between charges, so that would require a range of around 500 to 600 miles, and at present that’s not possible.

    Newer technologies which use supercapacitors instead of traditional chemical conversion batteries allow between 80% to 100% recharging in minutes are on the horizon and will drive investment in high voltage, high current charging infrastructure.

    • Robsteriark
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      @Edna: yes, your electricity bill for domestic recharging will rise. But that’s *FAR* more than offset by the savings in gasoline or diesel. You can also buy electricity deals to work with “smart” chargers which operate during cheaper “off-peak” electricity demand periods.

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  • 2 months ago

    Range is 250 miles between recharges. Battery swaps are possible now. However, it might be better to avoid long car trips and merely rent cars at your new destination.

    • Duncan2 months agoReport

      Ah, but that woukd be impracticle. If you are driving out of state, and you have an otherwise reliable car, and yet you have to rent one just because that car cant make the range. Who wants a car that cant get them where they want to drive?

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