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Is it stipulated that the one who wants to become Muslim must know the name of the Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)?

What is the ruling on one who wants to become Muslim, and knows that there is a Messenger to humanity, and believes in him, but he does not know his name? Has he become Muslim, or must he first know the name of the Messenger? Is it acceptable for him to know [the Prophet’s] kunyah, or a name other than Muhammad, such as Ahmad or al-Maahi?

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    How can any be a Muslim by not saying an oath, Laillahaillah Muhamadurasuluulah.

    There is no god except Allah, Muhammad is HIS Messenger .

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    No, knowing the name 'Muhammad' it is not a basic tenet of faith. Names identify people, and as long as you recognise the Prophet to be a messenger of God and accept his message then you are Muslim. You could be a forgetful person or someone who is ignorant of his name, but you are still Muslim.

    You should however learn about the Prophet and the Koran which mentions his name. More importantly are God's 99 names which are sacred and invoked in Muslim prayers.

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