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how do i become a better runner?

i’m joining track this year and i want to do distance. i know that i’m going to need to bring my mile time down and be able to run for miles at a time. i have about five and a half months to do all the training i can. i talked to the coach and he gave me a quick 6 week 5k running plan, but beyond that i don’t know what to do to help myself and train better. so if any runners/ coaches have any tips, plans, or workouts that they suggest, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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    Your coach is the best person to evaluate your current ability and make suggestions for your improvement based on where you are now (ability) and what your goals are.Go through the training plan the coach gave you and when done, speak to the coach again about what to do next, and be sure to share how your ability changed from before you started the program.

    You might also reach out to your local running store and see if there's a local track club (usually comprised of youth and adults) that you might be able to run with and learn from.

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    Follow the plan the coach gave you. Check in with the coach periodically. This will allow the coach to get you know you better, and make adjustments to the plan.  As you approach the end of the current program, the coach will likely have another ready.

    Ask the coach to put you in touch with other distance runners who plan on being on the track team. Workout together.

    If your school has a winter track team or a running club, join it.

    If your school doesn't have a winter track team or running club, get the distance runners together and see if you can form a running club. At least one of the track coaches should be a faculty advisor for the club.

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