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If the earth were an atom, which planet is about the distance away as an electron should be?

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    Well, if Earth was the 'nucleus' of an atom, the radius of the electron cloud would depend on the energy of that atom, anything from the moon to Pluto.

    Electron orbits are not like planets with an ecliptic, nor movements much like a stable orbit, just random movement that may compare to a shell around the nucleus or more like an atmosphere.

    Electrons are sub atomic particles that don't behave like solid mater.

    Even comparing to earth and other planets is hardly close.

    Things really get complicated when you start talking molecules and electron bonding and sharing.

    More food for thought,,an electric current is the flow of electrons in a conductor, each atom in turn, taking on an electron and passing an electron.

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    Jupiter.  5.29×10^-11 m is the Bohr radius, statistical distance of the hydrogen electron in ground state. Proton diameter is 8.4087 x 10^-16 m  62,911 is the ratio. Equitorial diameter of Earth is 12,756 km. 802.5 million km distance. Earth to sun averages 149.6 million km. Earth to Mars averages 225 million km. Earth to Jupiter is 588 to 968 million kilometers. Saturn's closest is 1.2 billion kilometers.

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  • Do you mean a proton? Because atoms contain electrons. The nucleus of hydrogen has a diameter of 1.6 * 10^(-15) meters and the atom itself is about 1 angstrom across, or 10^(-10) meters across

    The earth has a diameter of 12742 km

    12742 km / (1.6 * 10^(-15) m) = x km / (10^(-10) m)

    12742 * 10^(-10) / (1.6 * 10^(-15)) = x

    x = 12742 * 10^(15 - 10) / 1.6

    x = ‭7,963.75‬ * 10^(5)

    x = 7.96375 * 10^(8)

    That's in km

    x = 8 * 10^11 meters, roughly.

    1 AU = 150 * 10^(9) meters

    8 * 10^(11) / (150 * 10^(9)) =>

    800 / 150 =>

    80 / 15 =>


    Jupiter is about 5.2 AU from the sun, so it'd be the best choice, I'd think. That puts it anywhere from 4.2 to 6.2 AU from Earth.

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  • 4 months ago

    Uranus. No seriously this question makes no sense. The electrons are a part of the atom. If the earth were an atom, the electrons would be a part of the earth, therefore the correct answer is Earth. Earth would be about as far away from Earth as the electrons should be from an atom.

    This question is like asking "how far away from your body are your toenails?" Unless you have somehow lost your toenails, they are a part of your body, therefore they are zero distance away from your body.

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