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which camera should i buy?

i know nothing about cameras and i'm taking my first photography class i chose the topic candles and my current camera is the PowerShot SX610 HS its has 20.2 megapixels and 18X zoom, my teacher told me that my camera will not work and that i should try getting a proffesional camera. so i went online and i found the canon EOS 1300D and the canon EOS 750 D and the canon EOS 4000 D what do you guys think i should buy? (im a beginner) the main thing i want to be good in the camera is the focus, i want it to have a blurry background. i really want something affordable

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    Just get yourself an affordable pre-owned DSLR, even those from 10 years ago in beginners hands took excellent quality photos.  High megapixel count usually means more image noise on small sensors. We used to be fine with just 6 or 10mp on larger sensors.  Only if you want to print a huge billboard do you need very high megapixels on a large sensor.

    if you're in North America look here:

    put an 18-55mm kit lens on it.  Teachers love these older ones because they are easy to instruct on manually.

    Or a smaller more modern mirrorless camera like this one that would be a lot easier to take with you everywhere.

    again, put an 18-55mm kit lens (in Sony E Mount) onto it.

    You could still do all that's necessary with a 1.5" sensor Canon G1X compact, but the teachers prefer to have interchangeable lenses available.

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    I would recommend buying the EOS 250D. I think its the best beginner's DSLR Canon has to offer. The 18-55mm kit lens is pretty decent as well for creating bokeh effects, but a second-hand lens would be better for that purpose. The 250D is also quite affordable.

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    It depends on what you mean by "affordable". Even pre-owned, those EOS cameras would be expensive for some beginners. Ask your teacher if a lower MP (and cheaper) camera would be acceptable for the subject you have in mind and the size of final picture if your budget is tight.

    As others have said, it is the lens and how it is set up that produces the blurry (bokeh) effect. The 18-55mm, f3.5-5.6 zoom lens often sold with EOS cameras wouldn't be much good because the smallest aperture, f3.5 is too (physically) large. It would be better buy the camera body and lens separately. The 50mm lens with the minimum (numerical) aperture of f1.8 mentioned by flyingtiggeruk would be good.

    Some people buy old lenses that were used with 35mm film cameras before the advent of digital cameras because some produce particularly nice bokeh. Certain Helios and Industar lenses from the former USSR are often mentioned in this context. An adaptor is used to fit the lens to the DSLR. Focus and aperture adjustment are manual but that teaches you more about photography.


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    A blurry background is not done with the camera but rather the choice of lenses. All you need is a fully adjustable camera such as a DSLR that has interchangeable lenses. You can do this with any of the cameras you are considering. You probably cannot do what you want with the SX610.

    A "blurry" background is a result of the lens, aperture, and distance between the camera and subject as relative to the background. You will want to set your aperture wide on a longer lens and maximize distance to the background. This will give you a soft buttery background if your lens is capable. The effect is called bokeh. You should be taught how to do it in your classes, if not google and YouTube will be valuable friends. Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. (Depth Of Field) DOF is narrowed so that the background is out of focus and if the lens has that quality the background will have that buttery quality people love to see. It helps make wonderful images.

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    For a photography teacher he/she doesn’t know the terminology. What you want is a camera with full exposure control, not one with preset modes where the camera decides everything. So, any DSLR, or some compacts. Anyway.....

    Where in the world are you? This may limit your choices. And “affordable” is different for someone with little money or someone with money to burn. So how much in your currency?

    There are used cameras that will be cheaper than new ones and they will be as good as any new camera for your needs.

    For a blurry background you want a lens with a wide aperture and the cheapest way to do that is a 50mm f1.8.

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