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When kids of eight years compliment you, are they lying or saying the truth?

I'm a new teacher at my school and my kids compliment me saying that I look beautiful when the truth is I am not beautiful.

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    They’re telling the truth. At that age, if you have on a skirt or dress with almost any pattern, that’s enough for young kids to say you look beautiful. They’re not looking and judging your face when they say that. It’s more likely they like your sweater, jewelry, a scarf or anything that caught their eye that they think is pretty.

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    Either you're insecure when you shouldn't be or the kids just really like you and at the very least you look pleasant to them

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    You must have a fantastic personality.

    Anything that pleases and reassures a child is termed "beautiful", or "pretty."

    Good for you.

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    i am stupid and dumb

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    Kids are generally pretty honest.

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