How to write a cover letter if I don't have much experience or any work related skills?

I've never had a job, in school I've never done much except the usual compulsory school stuff, I've discontinued many of my extracurricular activities just because of my bad time management, and I've only so far done one volunteering (even so in 6 months I've only volunteered 2x a month)

I'm more of an artist kind of person. I love writing, drawing and all the fictional side of things than facing reality, this leading to bad time management and "laziness" as many call it. I only do my homework at the time I feel like it, although I'm quite efficient. I'm a perfectionist so it takes a long time to get things done as well :(

I'm applying for some causal/part time retail jobs and I'm not sure what to write that would express myself in more positive manner. I'm not an "outside" person, I'm very introverted, prefers solving a problem by myself and more of a hands on person than discussing or arguing with others. Also, the only time I've ever presented any leadership skills were when group working in school with lazy, clueless people. Even then, I myself was not doing very inspiring...

Thanks for any help!


I'm studying a design course atm, but pretty sure that's unrelated to retail

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  • 10 months ago
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    It depends on the job you are looking for. If it is an entry-level/beginners job like you stated (cashier, sales associate, etc.), then you will not need a cover letter and most likely you will not need a resume either. Just fill out the application online or get a paper application in person.

    In the odd chance you are required to submit a resume, try not to mention high school activities unless they are outstanding or relevant accomplishments. For example, if I was applying for a cashier position, I'd mention that I was Treasurer (money handling) for the Baking Club ONLY IF I have no work experience.

    But in all honesty, in your situation, try to avoid jobs that want a resume. The workload or position may not be fitting for a first job or entry level job.

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  • 10 months ago

    Somebody has an interesting comment about cover letters. I'd give that some thought. Maybe it's best not to write a long one.

    Really - there are websites and books with advice for this. Here's a tip. Type something like "finding a job" into the Amazon search engine and see what comes up.

    Use the Amazon reader reviews for various books. One way is to use the filter that shows you just the 5-star reviews, 4-star, etc. Look where the most intelligent reviews are - 5-star? Two-star?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You don't need a resume or  cover letter. Jesus.

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  • Benny
    Lv 6
    10 months ago

    Most recruiters ignore cover letters, so don't bother with one.

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