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Despite booming new car sales with their​ cha-ching sounds, the average age of vehicles on roads is not going down. The bar graph shows the average price of new cars in Country A and the average age of cars on roads for two selected years. In 2014​, the average price of a new car was​ $37,600. For the period​ shown, new-car prices increased by approximately ​$1250 per year. If this trend​ continues, how many years after 2014 will the price of a new car average ​$41 comma 350​? In which year will this​ occur?

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  • 10 months ago

    y = years after 2014

    37600 + 1250y = 41350

    Solve for y then add it to 2014.

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      Nicely done! 👍

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