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Which one of Indiana Jones is revolvers is the most powerful I do not have the calipers of the gun?

1. Smith and Wesson M 1917 revolver

2. Colt official police

3. Webley green army

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  • BBean
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    4 months ago

    All the guns had equal power. The ammo is the power of any gun. I won`t comment on the calipers.

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  • 4 months ago

    My vote is the government .455 Webley

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  • Adam D
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    4 months ago

    His Smith and Wesson was a .45 ACP. The Colt was a .38 Special. The Webley Government (not green) was a .455 Webley.

    Of these 3 cartridges, the .45 ACP is going to hit the hardest, with all other things being equal. In the case of Indiana Jones, the Webley might narrow the gap a little bit due to barrel length. The standard length of a M1917 barrel was 6 inches, but the prop gun used for the film had the barrel cut down to 4 inches. The Webley he uses has a 6 inch barrel.

    If you're ever wondering what kind of gun a character in a film is using, check out the link below.

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