I need to interview someone that is culturally/ethnically different than me for a class. Someone that has lived in a different country & U.S?

I'm from the U.S and Christian...Questions to answer are below

What country are you from?

When did you come to the U.S?** optional

How does your culture differ from American culture?

What's the best thing you've experienced in the U.S and what's the worst thing you've experienced?

What word or concept best describes your family?

What's a big misconception about your culture?

In your culture, what foods are your favorites?

What are some things your culture values that Americans don't value?

What is the gender roles, if any, are different in your culture?

If you had to summarize American culture in one sentence, what would you say about it?

***Thank you in advance for anyone who replies. I am very curious to learn from your culture

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