Is it illegal to point someone to a link (like a link to a google page) that shares copyrighted content?

Say, for example, that my friend wants to download (to pirate) a movie. He searches on Google but doesn't find it, and so asks for my help. I then do a quick search and find a link for it, but I don't download it myself nor watch it in any way. If I send him the link, would I be liable for pirating as well?

I understand that the likelihood of getting into real trouble for sharing a URL via messenger to a friend is fairly low, but I'm curious to know whether there's a rule of law somewhere saying it's illegal to do this sort of thing.


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    4 months ago
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    No it is not illegal, that why sites like TorrentFreak are able to report on these things and name the sites that they're reporting about.

    If you're that worried, just tell them to search on DuckDuckGo instead of the censored mess that is Google

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