New CPU heatsink blunder?

Got a new heatsink off amazon. Photo of HS name added. But heatsink comes with LGA2066 and LGA2011 screws to fasten it to the motherboard. Problem is I forgot I have LGA1155 mb. So it used fasteners. Is there any way (parts or adapters I can buy) to still use this new heatsink?

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  • 3 months ago

    The Masterair cooler you're referring to should come with mounting hardware for the 115x sockets.... unless they forgot the mounting hardware for the other sockets. The other exception is if you bought the Cooler off the 2nd hand market and the seller lost the mounting hardware for the other sockets.

    Typically socket 2066/2011-v3/2011 motherboards come with a backplate and standoffs that are preinstalled. Socket 775, 1366, and 115x will need a backplate. So the mounting screws and parts for Socket 2066/2011 will be different than what used with other sockets.

    -With many CPU coolers, the mounting system uses a lot of small parts. So you really need to read the instruction manual carefully and organize the parts you will need.

    -If you don't have all the parts you need, you can contact Cooler Master and they might sell you the proper mounting hardware. You can also buy additional mounting hardware at ebay. If you bought this CPU cooler brand new at amazon and you didn't get the proper hardware, then simply return the item.

    *Socket 1156, 1155, 1150, and 1151 use the same mounting pattern.

    *For what it's worth, the Masterair 620 and 621 are not very good coolers when compared to other coolers in the same price range. The Scythe Fuma, Scythe Mugen, and Thermalright Macho Rev.C are much better alternatives.

    • B. C. Schmerker
      Lv 5
      3 months agoReport

      The MA620P crossflow cooler should have mounting parts for the intel® FCLGA 115x, FCLGA 1366, and FCLGA2011/v3/2066 (three bracket pairs), as well as the spring clip for the Advanced Micro Devices® Universal CPU Cooler Interface (AM2/+/3/+/4, FM1/+/2/+).

  • 3 months ago

    Where is your "problem"? That cooler comes with all the adapters needed for almost any CPU/motherboard.

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  • Bob
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    3 months ago

    There a part called a new heatsink that will work.

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