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Movie enthusiasts, has Jackie Chan ever played a serious role in a movie other than a martial artist?

About 20 years ago.i heard Jackie Chan say in an interview "For once in my life i would like to be given a serious role in a movie other than a martial artist....a doctor...a lawyer...maybe even a villian with a dark role...anything"

Ive always wondered if the poor guys wish finally came true. Any info appreciated thanks.

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    No once Hollywood has you in a SET ROLE.

    They only offer you those parts. It's smart to

    Get a variety of roles without getting locked

    Into certain type films. Try to get a role in every

    Film type there is: romance, action, comedy,

    Horror, science fiction, biography, musical,

    Etc etc etc. So they will be more open to

    Letting you do the parts you want in the films

    You want. Acting is corrupt and complicated.

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  • 4 months ago

    I don’t think he has

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