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Is it scientifically doable,possible to make someone s iq drop ?Any method that can do this?Make a person dump?

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  • Dze
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    chemically for sure .. its reported that adding fluoride to water does this the nazis supposedly developed this in the concentration camps to chill out the inmates ... lead and heavy metal poisoning also, its said this played a role in the demise of the roman empire, and yes they use a mercury based carrier (Thimerosal) in just about all vaccines, making you stupid is why they push them so hard .. also eating a non-balanced diet, ancient peoples knew this and generally put conquered populations on a vegetarian diet to make them stupid and docile and less apt to rebel ..

  • 3 months ago

    Probably becoming an addict of some sort would do it.

  • LAN
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    3 months ago

    What? You never heard of beer?

  • Anonymous
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  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    i would hope not

  • 3 months ago

    Technically, it's happening all the time......

    if your IQ is 120 at age 10, then it means your knowldge base is equivalent to someone aged 12

    when you reach 20, to have the same IQ, your knowledge base must be equivalent to someone aged 24. Most often, others have caught up with you, so your IQ is actually only equivalent to someone aged 21 so your IQ is now: 21/20 *100 = 105...

    So, your IQ is now only 105 instead of 120....

    Of course, there's the other side.... did you know that most people in the 90 to 120 IQ range can have an INCREASE of 5 to 10 points if they dress smarter? (eqiuivalently, their IQ drops is they dress sloppily.....)

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