Was I wrong to ask this question?

I was casually telling a co-worker about how we're throwing my in-laws a surprise 50th anniversary party this weekend and I mentioned that my wife had invited all of my mother'in'law's remaining living siblings to come. They don't live in our city. Then I casually mentioned that my wife's grandmother had like 13 or 14 children, all of which did't survive. I said that was during a time some 60+ years ago when people had big families. I then said that I wasn't sure if all the siblings were by the same man so I asked my wife if her grandmother had ever been married before. This one co-worker said that I was wrong to ask that as it was none of my business. Was I wrong to ask my wife if her grandmother's children were all by the same man or was it possible that she had been married before? Or do some people "these days" think it's wrong to ask anyone anything about anything? I've been in this family some 15+ years and I was just curious to know some family history.


Sub question: Is it wrong to ask about someone's family history or even family tree?

Update 2:

And it wasn't like I walked up to a total stranger and asked them about who all has been married in their family and how many kids they have. This is technically my family now, my extended family.

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    If none of your wife’s grandmother’s children survived she could not exist

    It was a reasonable question, otherwise, about your ancestry.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    No, it's not wrong to politely ask about family ancestry and relationships.

    Move your post to Social Science>Etiquette, since it is not about marriage or divorce.

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