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Would it be a waste of money to buy colorful and unique eyeshadow palettes to showcase my artistry IF i only wear bronzy shades everyday?

imy paychecks are very little . i have tan skin and jet black hair so bronze and gold eyeshadow colors look best on me. it's what i use up the most. but i would like to start showcasing my artistry on instagram and youtube so i can get noticed by high ends brands like ABH, makeup forever etc.. obviously this would require me to buy a lot of this new releases and colorful makeup. advice??

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  • Jerry
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    3 months ago
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    When it comes to buying more and more make up, my thought is "enough is enough and too much is stupid." This idea of "get noticed by high ends brands like ..." seems like wishful thinking, not a realistic expectation.

    Please don't take that as me wanting to make you feel bad. You asked and I provided an honest answer.

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